Sea Survival


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Duration: One day course (0930 – 1800) including Pool Session (1600-1800)
The core elements of the course are as follows:The RYA Sea Survival course is designed for those who go to sea in small sailing and motor yachts. This is one of the most important courses on the RYA scheme as those who have trained to survive are far more likely to survive than those without training. This is a one day course including a 2 hour practical pool session. The ability to swim is not compulsory for this course.

Lifejackets, liferafts and what they contain plays an integral part of the RYA Sea Survival course. You will learn about various types of lifejackets and their uses and limitations. You will also learn how to launch a liferaft, what to expect to find inside the raft and what are the initial and subsequent or secondary actions to be taken in your attempt to survive. The course touches briefly on long term survival techniques as well, and ailments and injuries likely to be suffered in a liferaft. The theoretical part of the course is structured as follows:

  • Preparation for Sea Survival
  • Lifejackets and Liferafts
  • Principles of Survival
  • Survival Craft Ailments
  • Raft Management
  • Search and Rescue

The second half of the course is a practical pool session where you get to put into practice much what you have learned in the early part of the course. It really is an amazing course, people always comment on how different things are in reality to how they expected them to happen. It is always a superb opportunity to try out your own lifejacket. Many of our clients have been shocked at how many of their own lifejackets do not inflate when called upon, this is primarily due to lack of maintenance and regular testing.

This course is essential for anyone wishing to gain a commercial endorsement for a yachtmaster offshore qualification, but is of paramount importance to any boat user. The shorebased part of the course is normally held at the Royal St. George Yacht Club, while the pool session is normally held at Shoreline Leisure in Bray. We normally carpool to the pool session.

What’s included: Your course notes and RYA Sea Survival Book, Lifejackets and Liferaft will be provided for the pool session. However you are more than welcome to test your own lifejacket

What’s not included: Track Suit and t-shirt, clean waterproofs and a towel also needed for the pool session. Notebook and pencil for notes during the classroom session.

Click here for the RYA Sea Survival Syllabus

Cost: 210€

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