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Duration: 5 days Monday to Friday, or a 2day weekend followed by a fri, sat sun over another weekend. The course normally starts at 0900 meeting at the entrance to dun laoghaire marina on the first day of each course.

Previous Experience Required: 5 days spent on a yacht as crew. Previous navigation is essential on this course, either as a basic navigation course or ideally a dayskipper theory course. Knowledge of pilotage, tidal heights, and course to steer required to Dayskipper theory standard. The cert at the end of this course can be handed into the Irish Sailing Association for the issuing of an ICC certificate, this is the cert required by most yacht charter companies worldwide.

The dayskipper course is designed to teach you how to “take charge” in a safe and confident manner on a sailing yacht. Skippering for the first time can be a daunting yet exhilarating experience. The course involves much more than practical navigation and pilotage. The aspiring skipper is responsible for the safety and wellbeing of both the yacht and the crew onboard. You will learn about weather forecasting, passage planning, routine engine maintenance, how to take charge and recover a man overboard. You will also learn how to park a yacht in a marina or on a mooring with confidence, and especially what to do if the engine breaks down.

Your patient instructor, will help you to hone these skills and command the vessel yourself. There is particular emphasis on boat handling, and you will learn to handle a yacht in various conditions of wind and tide under power and sail. You will spend 5 days onboard and liveaboard for the duration of the course. You will visit many beautiful harbours and anchorages on the east coast over a cruising area stretching from Drogheda to Arklow. Some of these harbours can be tricky to get into, especially with regards to the tidal heights. Your instructor will help you push out your sailing skills while keeping you just within your comfort zone at all times.

Successful completion of this course involves the award of the RYA/ISA dayskipper certificate. We normally issue the ISA Dayskipper Cert to Irish residents and the RYA Cert to UK and European residents as this is the easiest for the processing of an ICC (International Cruising Certificate) certificate. You can then charter a yacht from us or any other charter firm worldwide by submitting the certificate to obtain the ICC (international cruising certificate). The ICC is a passport like document which is issued by a state authority. To get this document you must submit your dayskipper certificate along with a passport photography and a registration fee.

If you would like both the ISA and the RYA certs upon successful completion of the course, this can be arranged at an additional cost of €25.

Whats included:  Tuition, accomodation onboard, food, fuel, marina fees and use of our offshore waterproof clothing.

Whats not included:  Sleeping Bag, Footwear, Towel, Personal Toiletries, Changes of Clothes, and Pocket Money for a beer or a soft drink.

Next Step: RYA/ISA Yachtmaster Theory and the RYA/ISA Yachtmaster Coastal Practical Course

Course Costs: 5 day Course or 2 Weekends ( one is a long weekend) 710€

Course Dates:

July2017 Sat1–Sun2, Fri7 – Sun9 (booked out)
July2017 Wed12–Sun16 (booked out)
Aug2017 Sat19–Sun20, Fri25–Sun27

Aug2017 Wed30- Sun3rd Sept
Sept2017 Sat9-Sun10, Fri22–Sun24

Sept2017 Wed 13th – Sun 17th Sept
Oct2017 Sat21–Sun22, Sat28–Mon30

Thurs 26th  – Mon 30th
Nov2017 Sat11–Sun12, Fri17–Sun19


Click here for the Dayskipper Course Syllabus

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Wed 30 Aug–Sun 3 Sept (3 days off work), Sat 1–Sun 2, Fri 7 – Sun 9 July (1 days off work), Wed 12–Sun 16 July (3 days off work), Sat 19–Sun 20, Fri 25–Sun 27 August (1 day off work), Wed 30 Aug – Sun 3 Sept (Take 3 days off work), Wed 13 – Sun 17 Sept (3 days off work), Sat 16-Sun 17 Sept, Fri 22–Sun 24 Sept (1 day off work), Thurs 26 – Mon 30th Oct (2 days off work), Sat 11–Sun 12, Fri 17–Sun 19 Nov (1 day off work), Weds 22 – Sun 26 Nov (3 days off work)