Dayskipper Theory


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Duration: This course is run over 5 days in a classroom or over two and a half weekends or over a bank holiday weekend and one normal weekend.

The dayskipper theory course should be taken before undertaking the dayskipper practical course. On this course you will learn basic, but crucially important techniques in navigation, so that the skipper can navigate a yacht in familiar waters by day. The course covers position fixing, courses to steer, tidal heights and streams, buoyage and pilotage. The course also covers many safety topics such as choosing a suitable yacht, the collision regulations, what to do in the event of fog, and the use and operation of emergency equipment onboard such as liferafts, lifejackets, harnesses and distress calls. It is an extremely satisfying feeling to navigate a yacht to a new harbour for the first time. This course introduces the beginner to the joys of navigating and piloting a yacht and is thoroughly enjoyable course to take. Many people underestimate its importance when booking onto the dayskipper practical course, a good grounding in navigation is essential to be able to skipper a vessel.

Whats included: Full course pack (includes charts, textbook, sample questions and test papers).

Whats not included: Pencils, eraser, notebook which are essential. A plotter, dividers and training almanac will be loaned to students for the duration of the course.

Next Step: The RYA VHF operators course is essential for the International Cruising Certificate, this is a one day course. A one-day RYA first aid course is also highly desirable at this stage. Upon completion of the dayskipper theory, it’s a good idea to put these skills into practice on the RYA or ISA dayskipper practical course.

Course Costs: 520€ for 5 consecutive days or over 2 weekends (one is a long one)

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