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Duration: 5 Days (Monday to Friday) or 3 weekends (reduced to 2 weekends for holders of the RYA Start Yachting certificate) or one 3 day Bank Holiday weekend and 1 normal weekend

Previous Experience: None Required. This course introduces the absolute beginner to the enjoyment of sailing on a modern cruising yacht. The course is ideal for dinghy sailors new to sailing on a yacht, or those who have crewed on a yacht before but would like to learn the right way. Some of the most fundamentally important elements of sailing are taught on this course. It aims to build beginner sailors into confident competent members of any crew. The course is designed to provide as much fun and enjoyment as possible in a safe an reassuring environment.

The competent crew course is very hands on, with a lot of time spent just sailing, and understanding how it works. You will spend all five days onboard the yacht and visit many beautiful scenic anchorages and harbours from Co. Louth to Wicklow. There is a maximum student instructor ratio of 5:1, so your instructor can really devote plenty of time to your individual needs. Safety is paramount on all RYA/ ISA courses and you will learn how to operate flares, lifejackets, safety harnesses, liferafts and how to assist the recovery of a man overboard and you will experience in at least four hours of night sailing during the course. By the end of the course, you will be an asset to any yacht.

Whats included:  Tuition, accomodation onboard, food, fuel, marina fees and use of our offshore waterproof clothing.

Whats not included:  Sleeping Bag, Footwear, Towel, Personal Toiletries, Changes of Clothes, and Pocket Money for a beer or a soft drink.

Next Step: RYA/ISA Dayskipper Shorebased Navigation Course or the RYA/ISA Dayskipper all in one practical and shorebased course.

Course Costs: 5 day Course or 2 Weekends ( one is a long weekend) 710€

Course Dates:

July2017 Sat1–Sun2, Fri7 – Sun9 (booked out)
July2017 Wed12–Sun16 (booked out)
Aug2017 Sat19–Sun20, Fri25–Sun27

Aug2017 Wed30-Sun3 Sept
Sept2017 Sat9-Sun10, Fri22–Sun24

Sept2017 Wed13-Sun17
Oct2017 Sat21–Sun22, Sat28–Mon30

Thurs 26th – Mon 30th Oct
Nov2017 Sat11–Sun12, Fri17–Sun19


Click here for the Competent Crew Syllabus

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Wed 30 AUG- Sun 3 Sept (3 days off work), Sat 1–Sun 2, Fri 7 – Sun 9 July (1 days off work), Wed 12–Sun 16 July (3 days off work), Sat 19–Sun 20, Fri 25–Sun 27 August (1 day off work), Wed 30 Aug- Sun 3 Sept (Take 3 days off work), Wed 13 – Sun 17 Sept (3 days off work), Sat 16-Sun 17, Fri 22–Sun 24 Sept (1 day off work), Wed 13 – Sun 17th Sept (3 days off work), Sat 21–Sun 22, Sat 28–Mon 30 Oct (1 day off work), Sat 11–Sun 12, Fri 17–Sun 19 Nov (1 day off work), Weds 22 -Sun 26 Nov (3 days off work)